Available books and catalogues

Uniform Electronics Street Printing Factory (2015) 22 x 22 cm (24 p)

Morphologie d’une rentrée annoncée (2014) catalogue of the Studio Kurtycz installation at the Café des Arts (Fidjrossè, Cotonou, Benin) 22 x 22 cm (24 p)

Posada 100 (2014) 22 x 22 cm (also available in 14 x 14 cm version). Testimony of an exchange of 100 printed small images made in Benin in homage of José Guadalupe Posada.

Pierrette Feuille Ciseaux (2014) Testimony of a Graphic Performance by Anna Kurtycz + RUDEK at the Institut Français of Cotonou. 22 x 22 cm (24 p).

The Mirror Series (2012) A testimony of RUDEK’s stencil work during the Beautyful Ones Are Not Yet Born  project. 22 x 22 cm (24 p).

Coming soon:

Marcos Kurtycz. Vida y Muerte de un Impresor by Anna Kurtycz.

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